Booking Policy

Booking can be created for minimum 1 hour. Rates will be charged as per the tariff which will be minimum for one day.In the case of Limited Km, free Km is limited to some fixed KM per hour which varies city to city and model to model. There is 250 Km per day limit. Extension of Booking At the time of returnIf Renter didn’t inform Coimbatore Bike Rentals customer care number before 3 hours of his end time. Normal fare*2 times will be applicable for the total hour extended by the Renter.In case the Renter informs before 3 hours of his/her end time, then booking will be extended on


If bike is available, Normal charge will be applicable from the Renter.If bike is not available, Normal charge*2 times will be applicable for total extended hour.At the time of pickupIf Renter didn’t turn up till 2 hours from the start of his booking. Booking will be cancelled and cancellation charge will beapplicable as per policy.


In case booking is shortened before 3 hour of start of his booking. 50% of the base fare will be charged for the modified time.No Modification will be allowed once booking is started. Customer can return the bike early but no refund will be done.


If Cancellation is done before 24 hours from the booking start time, 10% of the base fare will be charged as cancellation fees.If Cancellation is done in less than 24 hours from the booking start time, 20% of the base fare will be charged as cancellation fees.If Booking is cancelled due to violation of policy, Cancellation charge will be applicable as per cancellation Policy.Note:-Coimbatore Bike Rentals reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary. Upgradation of ModelIn case of Bike model up gradation, renter needs to pay the difference amount for the upgraded model. This can be done till 3 hoursbefore from the start time of the booking (with subject to availability of the car).Bike model cannot be downgraded once the booking is confirmed.